One comment on “Spring Break in the Social Media Era: P-untag Cana

  1. You bring up really good points. I’m not liking the new trend of having my personal social media activities monitored by potential and existing employers. I feel that what I do outside of my job is my business and that I should be trusted to act appropriately. In a recent class discussion, we talked about companies asking for candidates’ social media passwords. All of this is uncomfortably becoming too Orwellian for me. I can see where some companies are coming from … they want to get a full perspective on who they’re hiring and make sure that the company’s reputation is not being damaged. This is understandable, as some people share way too much personal information on social media. I don’t want to read about anyone’s growing mole, doctor visit, sexual encounters, etc. Keep that stuff private! But unfortunately, I feel that the same people who normally post all that extra, inappropriate, private information publicly, are probably not the kind of people who care about what an HR rep. may think — especially if they’re several rum and cokes deep. I do think though, that career conscious people, who probably would’ve thought twice about posting something potentially reputation damaging in the first place, are definitely considering the ramifications of what they do and don’t post on their social networking sites.

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