2 comments on “Advertisers Crush Rush, Social Media Makes a Statement

  1. The Rush Limbaugh incident is an undeniable testament to the power of social media. According to the Hollywood Reporter, a whopping total of 34 sponsors have already pulled their advertising from his radio show, and there are probably more to come. Consumers have the unprecedented opportunity to use social media as a direct channel to advertisers, and it’s really encouraging to see how many people have raised their voice to protest Limbaugh’s appalling comments. As you said, such hateful speech should have no place in public discourse, and I’m glad that Limbaugh is now paying the price. Let’s hope people continue to use social media as a watchdog – it’s proven to be devastatingly effective.

    • Well, Rush is now insisting that this is “no big deal” and that he can go on without them. With a guy like Rush, that’s code for “oh crap, this is bad.”

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