4 comments on “The One Where I Start to See the Use For An iPad Two Years After Everyone Else

  1. As much as I’d like to say I don’t think that iPads will be the next necessity to hit every desk across America, they totally will. Which, is really depressing for me because I’m just a poor student (like basically everybody else) and I can’t keep up with this stuff!

    I mean, I still have a Blackberry for goodness sake.

    The point is, the more it sells, the more essential it will become for everyone to have one, and it seems to me, as your post pointed out, that it’s selling pretty darn well so far.

  2. I agree completely, I feel like I can never keep up with technology. I was the same way, I never understood why people needed an Ipad, it was basically a netbook. However, as times goes by, I see that more and more people are using it for work, entertainment, school, travelling and more. The trend is definitely moving toward compact items, and with Apple products being trendy and popular, it looks like the Ipad is here to stay.

  3. Side note: Love your post, super funny, especially the reason for your song recommendation at the end :).

    I’m not the person that waits in line to buy anything, especially not something that’s going to set me back a few hundred for no real apparent reason. I’ll leave that stuff for the first adopters out there. I agree with Tina and Emily, I can see where having a tablet will probably be an essential part of conducting business, being a student, or just communicating. But I sincerely urge people to look at all the varieties of tablets out there. Yes, the ipad is great, yes it has icloud capabilities, yada yada, but there are other good options out there that don’t cost nearly as much. Plus, as Michael pointed out, technology is constantly changing, the options will only get better. For example, Samsung’s cellphones: Galaxy S2 and S3, are ten times better than the iphone, but people seem to have this cult like following for Apple products and most don’t even consider looking at other phones. (No, I do not work for Samsung, but if anyone from Samsung is hiring, I am available!) I digress. My point is if we have to do it, let’s just keep an open mind to what’s out there.

  4. I am an official advocate of TEAM APPLE!!! I had a blackberry for five years and became increasingly frustrated with it. The simple task of accessing websites seemed to be an Olympic task for my blackberries. Yes blackberries- in five years I’ve had about five different models. I recently converted to the APPLE faith and I am in tech heaven. iPhone immediately became addictive and one day when I thought I left my iPhone in Walgreens I almost ran out the house naked to go get my phone. My first child is an iPhone, my second born is the iPad.
    This comment is being constructed on my pretty white iPad with the most adorable pink case.

    I have found that the hype behind these gadgets isnt just hype.
    Life becomes a bit more fluid in terms of access to information. Whenever there is a need to locate anything from a restaurant, a quote, an address or a resource for a scholarly paper these tech tools make the ground work so much easier than ever before.
    And a more practical reasoning for being team APPLE is the weight of the iPad doesn’t further damage an already bad back. Laptops can wear on shoulder muscles and pull on your neck which can lead to pinch nerves. The iPad is lighter than a five subject notebook- so run Mike run to the apple store and convert!!!
    See you on the other side…

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