2 comments on “The Halftime Show That Never Had a “Prayer”

  1. Personally, I really enjoyed the half time show. Although, I will admit that I was in a bar and couldn’t hear or see very well and I was also heavily intoxicated. Still, the bright lights, her huge boots and just Nicki Minaj in general excited me.

    However, I fully support your John Mellencamp campaign.

    Also, I died laughing at The Office reference. Nice post!

  2. Mike raises a valid point. Superbowl often falls victim to trying to top last year’s performance. I agree with Mike when he questions the NFL’s decision not to use their surroundings to their advantage.

    The choice of performers always tells us something about the organizers motives. This year with Madonna as the main attraction, one could assume that the organizers were playing it safe, going with a big name that is appealing to everyone, regardless of age, gender or background. I personally think Madonna did a good job, but following on from the points Mike makes in his post, it would be great to see local talent and new, slightly more unknown artists being utilized in the half-time show. (Although with all the drama surrounding M.I.A. this year, the organizers might just keep playing it safe.)

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